Daily digest 12/2/2016

Digest of material being consumed today:

  • Foreign Policy Magazine’s Editor’s Roundtable Podcast: 11/29/2016: Hitting the Reset Button on International Order
  • Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post column: 11/24/2016 – Here’s Hoping Trump flip flops even more

    A vast number of Americans are deeply distrustful of elites in Washington and New York. They believe that there are simple solutions to the problems that the United States faces, and they resent the country’s engagement with the world, which they see as harming ordinary Americans. These people have put their faith in Trump. If Trump can help make them understand some of the realities of the world and the constraints on government, that would be a huge step forward.

  • Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post column: 12/1/2016 – Democrats need to focus on the gut, not the head

    As Democrats contemplate their losses in November’s election, most have settled on a solution. They believe that the party needs more economically populist policies. But this misses an essential reality: Most people don’t vote on the basis of policies…. The problem for the Democratic Party is not that its policies aren’t progressive or populist enough. They are already progressive and are substantially more populist than the Republican Party’s on almost every dimension. And yet, over the past decade, Republicans have swept through statehouses, governors’ mansions, Congress and now the White House. Democrats need to understand not just the Trump victory but that broader wave.

  • Bernie Sanders, Washington Post op-ed: 12/1/2016 – Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump

    Trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the United States. Why? Because he has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. Even corporations that weren’t thinking of offshoring jobs will most probably be reevaluating their stance this morning. And who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts that go to the richest businessmen in America? The working class of America.


This week has been kind of rough for my regular consumption of news. Generally, my plan will be to update a post daily to include all of the worthwhile articles that I’ve read each day. I intend to share them all in the moment on a fake newspaper Facebook page. There will still be the odd essay here and there, but the whole idea is that we are busy people and sometimes a shitty blog post is beyond our regular means. After all, these online Elder Scrolls aren’t going to play themselves.


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