Mixed messages on giving a fuck in Iraq

The cluster of stories which this post belongs to were shamelessly ripped from the now-defunct Middle East daily brief once circulated… well, daily, by Foreign Policy magazine. I gathered them hastily, and the reflective insight that I once had about the reasons why may have departed in some cases. Perhaps this post is one of those. I assume that I thought it was important because it demonstrated the consequences of American disinterest as respectable institutions collapse all around Iraq in the face of international indifference – a sentiment which fuels the emergence of powerful non-state actors, which comprise a cast of characters such as have heretofore dominated the subject matter of this fake newspaper, a.

But if there is a media war underway, the U.S. appears to be losing it. In December 2014, 38 percent of Iraqis had a favorable view of the U.S., but by August 2015 that had dropped to just 18 percent, according to the State Department’s unscientific survey. A group of Iraqi men smoking cigarettes and sipping tea outside a Baghdad shop selling books and newspapers said their skepticism extends beyond U.S. officials. They say Iraqis are well aware that most media outlets are run by political parties furthering their own agendas. ‘Iraqi media isn’t professional, it’s all just ideology,’ Abu Muhammed said, asking that his full name not be used for fear of reprisals. But he said the accusations of U.S. support for IS are hard to ignore because of America’s confusing tangle of regional alliances.



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